Joe Wicks

A friendly club that offers straight to the point, effective self-defence training. Chris and Sam offer the perfect balance of focused training and fun, creating an environment that is positive and easy to learn in. No egos, no attitudes, just a group of people with the common goals of becoming safer and bettering themselves. Give it a go.

Katie Melissa

Friendly, supportive atmosphere, fantastic depth of knowledge and a bloody good work out! Perfect for anyone who’s never done martial arts before or someone who has that wants to advance their knowledge and skill. A great way to build confidence and learn how to get home safely.

Mark Chadwick

Sam and Chris are excellent instructors, they explain the KAPAP principals in a coherent manner. They take the time to teach KAPAP in a way in which a student can learn each move broken down into steps leading towards the complete technique. Both Sam and Chris have helped me because I am autistic, high functioning Aspergers and I have been bullied all my life. Both Sam and Chris have helped me to start to get my confidence back by learning the KAPAP system.

Sunjay Sharma

Chris and Sam really take time with their students and are excellent teachers. I really enjoy their classes great experience

Carolyn English

Great teaching. Very patient and good friendly atmosphere!!